The Case of the Empty Tomb

A sharply written and wittily illustrated booklet that persuasively presents the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. 

The Case of the Empty Tomb

A 14-page A6 format booklet with amusing illustrations to emphasise the key points. 

Designed as a short booklet for the curious, the apathetic or the sceptic, it will prompt a serious consideration of the claims and message of Jesus. 

The booklet is written by a former sceptic who spent more than 700 hours studying the subject. 

It examines the nature of the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the sources, the manner of Jesus’ burial, the alternatives for what happened to His body, academic opinion on the evidence for His resurrection, and why His followers changed so dramatically after His execution. 

For personal interest and for passing on to anyone who is curious or sceptical. 

Comes across best in the context of an on-going conversation about Jesus and where there is the opportunity to ask further questions. 

£2.50 for a pack of 5 booklets 

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