The Jesus Quest

The story of Jesus told from the perspective of six young children. 

60-minute film on DVD 

The Jesus Quest is designed to help children aged from 8 to 12 learn about Jesus and see the key moments of His life in the context of all that He said and did. 

In the space of an hour, the key moments in the story of Jesus are brought to life in a way that draws out the impact He must have had on the people of His time. 

Set in Israel/Palestine in AD 30, the story is seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Benjamin who, together with his friends, sets out to discover more about this ‘miracle man’ who is causing such a stir.  

The producers have interspliced scenes from the Jesus Film with twenty-two minutes of new material. The new material focuses on the experiences of six children who witness, reflect upon and discuss Jesus’ words and actions. 

For viewing in families or in young people’s groups with children aged 11 and under 

£2.10 per DVD 

Bulk Discount:  Discounts of 25% and 30% are available when you order 25 and 100 DVDs or more respectively. 

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