GodTools App

Clear, concise and interactive ways to help people discover Jesus

The app contains five differeninteractive presentations of the good news of Jesus, an explanation about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, articles answering questions about Godand a resource with tips on how to use these tools. 

This app is for anyone who wants a simple explanation of the good news about Jesus or the work of the Holy Spirit, or Christian who wants to grow in confidence in helping others discover Jesus 

The resources are available in nearly 90 languages and dialects, so can be used to communicate basic truths about Jesus with nearly anyone.  

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The app guides the user through simple, clear presentation of the good news using any one of five resources: Knowing God PersonallyThe Four Spiritual LawsThe FOUR’, Honour Restored and Power over FearThey all include verses from the Bible and illustrations for each point as well as questions to help the viewer engage with the presentation. 

Satisfied is a simple presentation of the person and work of the Holy Spirit that helps empower Christians for an abundant and purposeful life. It helps people recognise their need for the Spirit’s power and explains how to be filled and equipped by Him. The app guides the user through the presentation, making it simple to follow and share with someone else. 

Teach Me to Share is a resource that helps Christians prepare for conversations about the gospel or the Holy Spirit. It offers practical tips about where to get started, how to listen well, and ideas about who they could share with. 

You can view all the good news presentations and Satisfied in any of the available languages, but if you don’t feel confident reading or speaking in the same language as your friend, you can also choose two languages and swipe between them. 

For more information on using GodTools see https://godtoolsapp.com/en/faq. 

This app is best used in one-to-one or small group settings. 

You can invite a friend to follow along on your phone or device, or you can invite them to download the app on their phone and follow along that way as well.  

It is especially appropriate for those who might be less comfortable with traditional printed booklets. 

“Getting the gospel as a presentation on a smartphone app helps people to see how smart the Good News really is.“ 

“The easy link share gives the people you are talking to access to excellent gospel content and apologetic answers long after you have finished the conversation.” 

“This is a beautifully designed and easy to follow app to help bring Jesus into your life.” 

“I once shared this with a work colleague who had a limited understanding of English. I showed him how it was available in many languages. When he downloaded his native language, he got very excited and exclaimed Now I can tell my wife!’” 

Download the app, check out the resources for yourself, and pray about who you can share them with!