Knowing God Personally

A clear, concise way to help people discover the good news of Jesus  

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This booklet presents the key points of the good news and explains how to begin a personal relationship with God.  

It is for anyone who wants a simple explanation of the good news, and any Christian who wants to learn how to share their faith with more confidence and clarity. 

The Knowing God Personally booklet guides you through a simple, clear presentation of the good news of JesusIt includes verses from the Bible and visuals that illustrate each of the main ideas.  

The booklet also includes questions at key points to help reflection on the content. If you are using the booklet as the basis for a conversation about faith, the questions help keep you on track and ensure those involved are engaging with and understanding the presentation.

This booklet is best used one-to-one or in small group settings.  

The most appropriate moment to introduce it is when someone has been discovering Jesus for a while and has reached the point of wanting to make a decision about Him. 

The printed version may appeal more to those who are more comfortable with a paper resource than a digital one. 

Alternatively, it is available as a downloadable PDF. 

This helps explain the basis of the Christian faith to those who are interested. It is not a stand-alone and is best explained as they go through it. 

A succinct and easy-to-understand introduction to Christianity that is perfect for people who are exploring their faith. It also provides a satisfying refresh for existing Christians.” 

A pack of 25 booklets is £6.50 

Bulk Discount:  Discounts of 5%15% and 25% are available when you order 2080 and 200 or more packs respectively. 

It can also be downloaded as a free PDF  

Click on the button to ‘buy this resource’ . From a dropdown box you will be able to select and purchase a pack of 25 or request a free downloadable PDF copy. 

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