Perspective Cards

A fun and engaging way to explore questions of faith, life, and truth with others and learn more about their perspective.

A set of cards (like playing cards) that help people express their views on: the nature of God, the purpose of life, human nature, the identity of Jesus and the source of spiritual truth. 

Perspective is also available as an app. 

Perspective provides a creative way for people to explore each other’s perspective on God, faith, and spirituality.

The emphasis is on learning what others think and listening to them well before seeking to share your own perspective. 

Perspective helps people clarify and identify their own beliefs, as well as offering a simple way to express what Christians believe.

Each pack includes training for the user on the purpose of Perspective cards and how they can be used to initiate and facilitate spiritual conversations with those who are interested. 

 The main Perspective cards are in five different colours, representing the five existential questions addressed. Each card presents a possible answer to the question, a visual illustration, and a brief explanation. Each person responding to the questionnaire chooses the answer card that best represents their own belief. 

To help Christians represent what they believe, the pack also includes a set of explanation cards that offer more details on the Christian perspective, supporting Bible verses, and additional questions to ask and discuss.

There are also several copies of prayers that can be used by people wanting to respond to the good news about Jesus.

The cards are suitable for use ione-to-one or small group settings where everyone has the chance to express their opinions and beliefs. 

The app is best used in one-to-one conversations. 

I have used the cards several times and it has always led to great conversations and the opportunity to explore spiritual truths. 

Great way to start a spiritual conversation.” 

A set of the cards and instructions is £7.00. 

The app can be downloaded for free. 

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