An entertaining and incisive look at how to make the most of your relationship with God. 

A 160-page paperback book. 

For anyone who wants to learn how to live the Christian life free from guilt and anxiety, enjoy the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and touch the lives of those with whom they rub shoulders every day. 

Sorted will: 

  • fire your feelings of destiny in life 
  • help you secure your relationship with God 
  • provide the information you need to enjoy God’s forgiveness – daily 
  • enable you to develop a way of life that helps your friends and acquaintances discover Jesus 
  • allow you to find the best part you can play in helping our generation understand Jesus 

Wherever anyone wants to live life with and for God 

“We urgently need books like this” – George Verwer 

Obtain it for your bookstall, give it away to newcomers to the Christian faith, and have it right by your own bedside as something that is readable, digestible… and exciting” – Richard Bewes. 

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