simple and very visual way to initiate conversations and help people express thoughts and feelings about life, meaning, purpose, God, Jesus and more.

A set of 50 diverse photographic images and a few suggested questions to provoke reflection, conversation and discussion together about the deeper issues of life. 

 The images can be examined through a set of 15x10cm photo cards or through an app. 

For those who want to have spiritual conversations one-to-one or in small groups with friends and acquaintances. 

 We live in a visual culture. Because images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences, they can enable us to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations. 

The Soularium images offer a way to initiate and enable conversations about spiritual issues with those who are interested.

 But it can also be used to kick off a discussion in a Bible study, or with a Christian friend who wants to grow in their faith.  

Using a few simple questions you can invite people to consider which of the 50 pictures best express how they feel about life, what they long for, and how they think and feel about God. 

In fact, Soularium is so open-ended you can use it to talk about all sorts of meaningful questions. 

With the focus being on what different images mean to different people, the discussion is relaxed, open and surprisingly revealing. 

The cards can easily be used one-to-one, but go down particularly well with small groups (especially youth and students) 

The app can be best used one-to-one in a conversation in a coffee shop, with a neighbour at home, or a colleague after work. 

Because its based on images and a few simple questions it appeals to all kinds of people regardless of their age, background or reading ability 

“I love using Soularium It’s made me feel more comfortable with initiating conversations and it helps having really simple questions that you can ask! ” 

“We have used this engaging card exercise multiple times to start a conversation about people’s beliefs and life aspirations. People are intrigued by Soularium and are drawn into deep conversations they wouldn’t otherwise have had.” 

“I’ve loved watching the smiles break out on people’s faces as they begin to consider questions they don’t often get the chance to think or talk about, and as they try to decide which pictures best describe their answers.” 

“My favourite thing is seeing people not just explain their answers to us, but also engage with each other – especially when I can hear them continuing the conversation amongst themselves afterwards.”

A set of the photo cards and the suggested questions is £7.00.

 The app can be downloaded for FREE.

Soularium opens up a whole new set of opportunities for meaningful conversations in everyday situations. 

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