The Biscuit Trail

The Biscuit Trail came out of our experiences in having conversations about faith with friends and colleagues.  It is designed to help those conversations come more naturally and easily. 

It’s a set of 12 colourful cards that describe the different elements involved in helping someone discover Jesus 

The cards cover things such as: 

  • praying for people 
  • making the good news about Jesus relevant to work and life 
  • living a life that demands an explanation 
  • sharing your story 
  • finding out someone’s perception of Jesus 

…and more. 

It’s for Christians who want help in thinking through what they could do (and perhaps are already doing) to help others discover Jesus for the first time. 

The cards help group discussion around: 

  • how to go about each element 
  • which ones you feel comfortable with 
  • which you find harder 
  • what youve learnt from past experience 

Each card has suggestions on how to use each element, as well as a helpful case study giving real-life examples to learn from. 

They enable Christians to recognise the value of what they are already doing, share their experiences with one another, identify where they have more to learn, and discover a few practical ideas for what they could do next. 

The use of cards makes it easy to focus on the different elements in whatever order is appropriate for the group. This makes it very flexible and enables the users to focus on the elements that are most helpful to them.

In a small group 

The material was originally designed for Christians in the workplace and the case studies reflect that emphasis. However, the principles and approach apply much more widely and have been used by people in much more varied situations. 

“We’ve found the Biscuit Trail has been really good for giving Christians a vision for helping people in their sphere of influence discover Jesus.”

Its such a helpful discipleship tool for having a conversation about making disciples. And the examples of ways to carry on the journey with people are really handy too.”

£6.50 per pack of cards 

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