The FOUR Wristbands

A great conversation starter for talking about Jesus

A wristband in a choice of colours with four simple diagrams that help introduce key points of the good news about Jesus.

A great memory-jogger for anyone wanting to explain God’s Story in the course of everyday conversation. 

Conversation revolves around the four diagrams on the band and what they illustrate: 

A heart – representing God’s love for us 

A division sign – pointing to the fact there is a division between us and God because of our failure to live His way (sin) 

A cross – representing how Jesus’ death dealt with the problem of our sin (grace) 

A question mark – emphasising that we each have to decide how we will respond to what God has done for us through Jesus (repentance & faith). 

In everyday conversation prompted either by: 

  • a question about why we are wearing the band and what the pictures are about,  
  • our own question about whether someone has seen such a wristband before and whether they would be interested to know why we wear it. 

“It’s been a great conversation starter, as I’ve had many people ask me what it means. It’s led to a lot of conversations about the good news of Jesus at times when I wasn’t even intending to talk about it.” 

“When asked to explain what I believe, I’ve often not knowwhere to begin. I’ve gone off on various tangents and ended up not explaining the core aspects of my faithSince I started using the wristband, I’ve felt so much more confident in clearly and concisely explaining the good news of Jesus in conversation.”  

I’ve had a number of Christians get really excited by it and ask me to share it with them when they’ve seen it being used.”


Please note that the three different coloured bands are different sizes. 

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