The Jesus Film App

creative and engaging way to discover more about life and Jesus through the medium of film 

An app containing a digital library of over 200 full-length films, mini-series and short films (available to watch in up to 1,800 different languages).

The “JESUS” film (probably the most viewed film in history) can be watched in its entirety or in short, self-contained clips from 30 seconds up to 8 minutes long. 

The extensive range of insightful short films help raise questions about life and spirituality.  

Other films include “Falling Plates”, “The Story of Jesus for Children”, “Magdalena” and “The Book of Acts”. 

One of the most compelling ways for anyone to discover Jesus is to see and hear Him in their own language. 

The Jesus Film app provides an easily accessible way to do just that whether someone is wanting to discover Jesus for themselves for the first time, or desire to grow deeper in their relationship with Him.  

The many short films are great for anyone who wants to reflect more deeply on the bigger questions of lifeThey also help build bridges to spiritual conversations with others. 

The app could be just for your personal use, or you could show it or share it with others  

  • Download a film to show a small group on a tablet 
  • Share a short film with others on social media and ask for their reflections 
  • Show your kids “The Story of Jesus for Children” 
  • Watch a film on a train or plane journey 
  • Embed the “Jesus” film on your church website 
  • Use one of the short films as part of a Bible study discussion

Within the app it is easy to: 

  • Browse the titles in the catalogue 
  • Search for a particular title 
  • Select from the range of languages available for each film 
  • Find the films available in just one language 
  • Personalise your experience of the app 
  • Create playlists 
  • Discover new videos 
  • Stream them over Wi-Fi  
  • Share them with friends via social media, email or text 
  • Download them at low or hi resolution to watch them when you’re not connected to the internet  

Everything on the app can be watched, downloaded and shared with anyone you meet, wherever you meet them.  

So, it can be used in all sorts of contexts.  

The short films are particularly well received by youth and young adults. 

‘I particularly like the short films and Magdalena. I share these with lots of people.’ 

‘Fantastic reservoir of resources! Not complicated to use. Excellent App.’

All the content on the app is available to watch or download for FREE.

Click on the appropriate button to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and get started. 

The Jesus Film App