Not just a marriage enrichment course or a Bible study on marriage, but practical marriage discipleship for couples to get closer to each other and to God. 

A 9-session small group resource. 

It’s for Christians as well as those open to looking at the Bible who want to tackle questions like, ‘Can we have a marriage that’s ‘alive and kicking’ – even amidst the stress and busyness of life? and ‘How do we make a good marriage great?’ 

It’s suitable for married, remarried and engaged couples. 

It does not need an experienced leader to run the course, so can be used by any couples wanting to learn together.

Through creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to explore how to invest in your relationship, such as improving communication, resolving conflict and expressing love. 

Each session includes clear messages, drawing on the Bible, supported by humorous quotes and cartoons, practical wisdom, group discussion around the topic and practical interactive sections that will help couples look at their relationship in a new way. 

The interaction happens privately between couples between sessions so that no-one feels exposed, embarrassed or vulnerable. 

An introductory session allows couples to give it a try and decide if it’s for them. 

The Leader’s Guide and supporting downloadable materials help make leading the group possible for any couple.

The Together Workbook enables each person to participate fully in the course and make their own notes. 

In a small group of 4-5 couples, although it can also be used alone with your partner. 

There’s quite a bit to read in the Together workbook and the discussion revolves around that contentso it is most appropriate for those who are comfortable engaging in this way.

“Unique, imaginative and fun – this course is firmly based on Christian principles and is full of practical wisdom. We think Together is a brilliant resource that will help husbands and wives to love and understand each other even more and look afresh at the dynamics of their marriage” – Lyndon & Celia Bowring. 

“Good fun and great to meet with others, as well as investing in your own marriage.” 

“The course has been an oasis in our busy world.” 

“A lot of friends asked – ‘what are you doing a marriage course for, have you got problems then?’ to which our reply was ‘not yet, and hopefully with the group’s help it will stay that way! For us the course has given us time to talk about subjects we had skirted round over 16 years of marriage and ensure they didn’t become an issue in the future.

Together Leader’s Guide £12.49 

Together Workbook £7.49 

You will need one copy of the workbook per person.

Other supporting materials downloadable for FREE. 

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